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How to Choose an Engagement Ring

27 April 2017 15:44

Buying an engagement ring – and popping the question

Asking your partner to marry you is one of the hardest – yet ultimately rewarding – experiences in anyone’s life. The chances are you’ll already be sure that she will say “Yes” but this can never be 100% guaranteed. There’s also the time and place to consider. And, of course, the engagement ring to buy.

How to go about buying an engagement ring

Some people still believe that the cost of an engagement ring should be equivalent to a month’s salary. These days, this is a tall order and many men will set their own budget for the perfect engagement ring for their loved one. As we all know, it’s not the money but the thought that really counts.

Once you’ve set a budget, the next step is to choose and buy the engagement ring. Perhaps you have managed to glean a little insight into the type of ring that your partner might like. You could take a look in her jewellery box to find out if her current rings are all of a particular type. Or go for a romantic wander on-line or into a jewellery store. You could pretend you’re choosing a ring for a female friend or family member to get an idea of the type of ring your girlfriend would choose.

It’s also useful to know what precious stones she likes, and her preference for jewellery metals, whether white gold, yellow gold, platinum, palladium or even titanium.

Ask a friend to help you to choose an engagement ring

One top tip is to ask one your girlfriend’s pals to help you to choose the right engagement ring. Email them the link to an on-line wedding and engagement rings website and ask them to highlight a few rings that they think your girlfriend would like. Female pals are more likely to know the tastes of your girlfriend and if you can swear the to secrecy you’ll have a great chance of success when choosing exactly the right engagement ring for pooping that big question!

How one would-be fiancé chose his fiancee’s ring

One nervous chap had spent many hours browsing engagement rings but simply couldn’t decide. He had set a budget. He kind of knew what she might like, but he couldn’t make a final decision. So, in the end, he dropped his partner off at a local jewellery shop mall. “Just go and have a look around,” he told his surprised girlfriend. “See what you like.” Passing her a piece of paper with a monetary figure written on it, he added: “Find a ring with a stone that is up to this value. One that you really like. Then tell me where it is.”

She did as was requested. But it wasn’t until eight months later that the chap finally went down on one knee. His girlfriend had pretty much forgotten about choosing the ring and had given up wondering… when out of the blue he asked her to marry him.

The result: A smiling fiancee who had the perfect ring of her choice.

The less obvious approach when choosing an engagement ring

Perhaps you are actually going to have to choose the engagement ring for yourself. If you know your girlfriend well enough to ask her to marry you then you should have a good idea about her taste. It’s also worth remembering that simple and classic make great choices, rather than trendy and off-the-wall.

Request a ring sizing gauge from a wedding and engagement ring store. This should be a free service and allows you to check the size of her wedding ring finger. The way to do this is to secretly check one of the rings in her jewellery box that you know you’ve seen her wearing on the finger next to her pinkie. It’s all a bit cloak and dagger but if you want the engagement to be a surprise you’ll need to be a little secretive!

Always check with the store or on-line jewellery shop that you can return the engagement ring if it’s not suitable. You’ll know immediately if she loves the ring – and don’t be offended if she wants to make an exchange.

The most important part of getting engaged is being asked, and the romance of the occasion. The ring choice can be sorted later. Good luck!