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Jewellery and Rings: What is the Allure?

04 May 2017 15:44

Jewellery and rings: What is the allure?

By definition jewellery needs to be wearable, for example, ear-rings, a wedding ring, an engagement ring, an eternity ring, a necklace or bracelet, or a brooch.

While every item is meant to enhance the dress or look of the wearer, we each have our own preferences. These days there’s a wealth of choice in jewellery makes, designs, qualities, stones – and, ultimately, prices. Jewellery can be cheap and throwaway, affordable and very wearable, or expensive and for occasional wear only.

It’s the sheer wealth of stones and metals that make jewellery “unique” such a versatile “gold” item of wear. The choice of metals “jewellery” for wedding and engagement rings, as well as “gold” necklaces and bracelets, includes 9ct, 14ct and 18ct white gold, 9ct, 14ct and 18ct yellow gold, 9ct, 14ct and 18ct rose gold, platinum, palladium 950 and titanium, and many, many more.

Then there’s a huge treasure trove of delightful stones from which to pick and mix, including amethyst, aquamarine, black opal, citrine, coral, diamond, demantoid garnet, ebonite, emerald, fire opal, garnet, ivory, jade, lapis luzi, moonstone, onyx, opal, pearl, precious topaz, rock crystal, ruby, sapphire, sodalite, tanzanite, topaz, tourmaline, turquoise, zircon.

Perhaps you’ll have your own wedding ring custom-designed, but for many people there is more than enough choice in stores and on-line. In most cases, picking a ring from an on-line shop will reap rewards in terms of affordability and choice.

How to choose the perfect jewellery for you

The chances are you are female, and it’s likely that you prefer to have a different item of jewellery to suit each outfit. Costume jewellery, which comes in lots of colours, designs and is usually made from less expensive metals and stones, is the ideal way to enhance every outfit that you currently have in your wardrobe.

Costume jewellery is usually cheaper and brightly coloured and so it’s possible to buy, for example, a necklace and bracelet, to suit every outfit.

Then for something special in jewellery…

When it comes to special item such as an engagement ring, a wedding ring or an eternity ring, most people are willing to spend a bit more for an item that will stand the test of time. These are usually very special items and you’ll be hoping that, like your relationship and marriage, that they will last a lifetime.

Ensure that you buy the best metals and stones that you can afford. With so much choice it’s a case of going with your particular tastes and preferences but it’s worth remembering that an overtly trendy ring in 2011 may not be so fashionable in 30 years’ time. In contrast, it’s likely that a more classic style of ring with look as good in three decades as it does now.

Of course, there is no reason why you can’t change your wedding ring every few years or so, but for many people a wedding ring is a treasured item that they will hope to have for the rest of their life.

Will you choose a ring that is plain metal, comes with one diamond, a line-up of diamonds, a diamond surrounded by other precious stones, or perhaps a solitaire? And what shape of precious stone do you prefer? Will it be?:

Brilliant cut diamonds: A popular and traditional round-shaped diamond.

Princess cut diamonds: A beautiful and eye-catching square cut diamond.

Fancy cut diamonds: Fashionable and uniquely attractive, the fancy cut diamond includes oval, marquis, pear or heart-shaped stones.

Baguette cut diamonds: An Art Deco style cut of diamond

Emerald cut diamonds: Rectangular-shaped diamonds with cropped corners.

Asscher cut diamonds: Square-shaped diamonds with cropped corners

Or how about the wedding ring shape?:

Traditional court: Comfort and joy in a traditionally designed ring that has a rounded exterior and interior.

Flat-sided court: Curved on the interior and exterior like the traditional court but with flatter edges for a more modern look.

Flat: A stunning and modern look is created thanks to the flat exterior, interior and sides.

Flat-court: The highly exclusive looks of the flat profile ring – and now with a rounded interior.

Double-comfort: Perfect for new ring wearers – especially men – this ring has rounded, softer edges as well as a curved interior and exterior.

Halo: Wear your perfectly cylindrical wedding ring like an angel would wear a halo.

D-Shape: The perfect design for setting diamonds, this ring has a rounded exterior and a flat interior.

Concave: A highly contemporary ring that boasts an inward curve on the exterior and a flat interior.

Now your next step is to fix a budget for your jewellery, engagement rings or wedding rings and have a browse.  The chances are that a few rings will jump out at your when looking in jewellery shops and on-line. Shopping for  jewellery should be tons of fun.