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Diamond Engagement Rings

Ask her to marry you with a stunning diamond engagement ring

Show the woman you love just what she means to you with a dazzling diamond engagement ring. Diamonds will always say romance and ever-lasting love - so gift your loved one with the perfect diamond-encrusted engagement ring when you ask her: "Will you marry me?".

Our exclusive collections of diamond engagement rings -­ each one created using ethically sourced stones - are eye-catching and stylish, yet extremely affordable. We guarantee to beat high street prices and you can be assured that each of our diamond rings is hand-crafted for a truly professional finish.

We offer a range of luxurious styles of diamond engagement rings, including solitaire rings and trilogy rings. We are sure you will discover the perfect diamond engagement ring for your true love but if there is a bespoke design that you would like us to make for you then please do contact us to discuss.

Our diamond engagement rings are available in a variety of precious metals, including 9ct, 14ct and 18ct white gold, 9ct, 14ct and 18ct yellow gold, 9ct, 14ct and 18ct rose gold, platinum, palladium 950 and titanium. The choice is yours.

The ethically sourced diamonds can also be chosen to suit your personal desires. Will you go for square-cut diamonds, round diamonds or one of our fancy-cut diamonds?

You will not find a better range of diamond engagement rings and at highly competitive prices than in our on-line shop today.

Solitaire engagement rings: A diamond solitaire engagement ring is a symbol of a single love shard by two people. Choose from our fabulous range of rings.

Trilogy engagement rings: She'll say yes before you can count to three... thanks to a stunning three-stone diamond trilogy engagement ring

Brilliant cut diamond trilogy engagement rings: A beautiful three-stone ring with round-shaped diamonds.

Three times the beauty in one diamond engagement ring

A Trilogy diamond engagement ring boasts not just one, but three stunning diamonds. We have personally chosen six beautiful collections of trilogy rings that make the most of a superb range of diamond cuts.

A Trilogy engagement rings shows your loved one just how special she is - and because you can chose exactly the style of diamonds and the setting of these stones she will know how much care you have taken to pick the perfect ring for her. There is simply now way that she be able to say no when you ask her to marry you!

Choose from our delightful collections, or please do contact our friendly and professional staff if you have a bespoke trilogy ring design in mind. You might even choose to add in coloured stones instead of simply going for diamonds. The choice really is yours.

Simple yet beautiful: A brilliant princess cut diamond trilogy ring

Brilliant cut is the name for “round” diamonds. The shape of the jewel is similar to a cone and offers maximum light return through the top of the diamond. In other words, a brilliant cut diamond offers lots of sparkle and dazzle - and when lined up in a row of three stones is looks extra special.

A delightful choice of princess cut diamond trilogy rings

Princess cut is the name for a more contemporary square-shaped, pyramid- profiled diamond. Princess cut provides fire and brilliance, as well as a unique shape, and looks fabulous in a line of three stones in a trilogy engagement ring.

Everyone will be talking about her oval diamond trilogy engagement ring

Every woman wants a beautiful diamond ring so show how much you care by choosing a striking three-stone trilogy ring boasting oval cut stones. These rings make a wonderful talking piece and you can be sure that your bride to be will enjoy showing off the three-stoned dazzler.

Pure sophistication: An emerald cut trilogy engagement ring

It's the long lines of the emerald-cut diamond that promises an elegance and sophistication to wow your loved one. The broader, more dramatic flashes of light created by three emerald-cut stones is a stunning look to behold.

Choose the “Sex & the City” Asscher cut diamond ring

Featured on the TV show, Sex & the City, the Asscher cut diamond has welcomed a brand new lease of life in the 21st century. These beautiful diamonds create a very fashionable and stylish look, especially in a resplendent row of three stones in a trilogy engagement ring.

Create some drama with a marquise cut diamond ring

An ancient legend of the Marquise of Pompadour has it that the Sun King wanted a diamond to be polished into the shape of the mouth of the Marquise - and thus the Marquise cut diamond was created. This exciting and dramatic diamond sparkles with its finely cut brilliance and has the advantage of creating an elegant slimming effect on the finger. The Marquise cut diamond trilogy ring is for the thoughtful giver.